Hello and welcome to the company HSS Klein,

Our company specializes in the use of alternative energies. We strive to make the most of the small resources and to intelligently integrate the natural sources of energy such as sun, wind and heat into the house installation. As a registered craftsman company, we are your partner in the area of heating, sanitary or solar technology – no matter whether it is energetic renovation or new construction. Just contact us!

Past projects

Here is a selection of our past building projects.

New Sun house in Kittelsthal / Thuringia

Currently, a sun house with a buffer storage capacity of 9120 liters is being built in Kittelsthal / Thuringia. This volume is heated by a 53 sqm solar system. As a supplement to the low-sun months, a 15 kilowatts pellet boiler is installed. Current pictures follow.

The energy-efficient house in Freiberg, Franz-Mehring-Platz

Here you can see the energy-efficient house in Freiberg / Saxony, whose secret is basically the combination of photovoltaics for electricity and solar thermal energy. There is an affordable way of saving energy and still being “smartly wasted”. The sun provides the energy for free. Our company was the executing company. The task was the installation of the complete heating, sanitary and solar technology.